After pregnancy health tips for 11 months mother

Last updated On August 2nd, 2020

Body of every woman goes through several changes during the pregnancy period. But when the delivery is over the body tries to get back to its original state. Within this transition period, women need to go through variety of side effects and difficult situations. One of the improper physical conditions that are associated with mothers after several months of the delivery is the back pain.

Health issues caused to mothers after 11 months of delivery

Back pain

People must have experienced the terror of back pain one or the other time in lives. There are several reasons behind such back pain. Some gets such pain due to excessive work load, physical activities where as other suffers from this problem of back pain due to stress at work place. Even the mental strain will be ideal to give rise to back pain. But, moms after 10- 11 months after the delivery can also suffer from the back pain. Let’s find out the symptoms, cause and effect of the same.

Extent and duration of back pain to stay

It is really difficult to find out whether and to what extent the back pain will persist.  But, the back pain takes place as women gives pressure at their back portion due to loosening of abdominal muscle after delivery. You can get away from the back pain only when the abdominal muscle gets back to its tightening state. Some moms gets the pain after couple of months of delivery where as others suffer till a year and above. Now, this depends on the genetic condition of an individual as well as the body metabolism. Stiffness in your body without the flexibility can also define the extent of the pain and the stay time. But normally, women get this pain right from the pregnancy period and last till a year after the delivery.

Why it causes?

During the pregnancy period, the abdominal muscles are stretched in such a way that it gets inflamed like a ball. After the delivery, you cannot just expect the muscles to get back its form once again. The muscles that have been stretched already needs time to become strong once again. This is the situation when your body has a tendency of putting extra weight on your back muscle. This is the time when your back pain develops. Now, unless and until your abdominal muscle gets back to the previous form before delivery the pain will keep on existing.

How to handle your back pain in such situation?

There are number of ways through which you will be able to get relief from the back pain. There are some home remedies that will ideally help you to stay away from back pain. Also the Yoga and exercise will be ideal in this situation.

Go ahead with the hot compress. You can now get ready made hot bags in the market that can become warm just like the way your charge a mobile. You can use such bags at your back portion in order to stay away from back pain

Use the medicated pain relievers and apply it at the back portion of your body where you have pain. Just apply it and take rest, you will feel much better

Yoga can be a wonderful way to have relief of the back pain. You can speak to a Yoga instructor so that he/she can teach you the ways through which you can get relief from the back pain.

Health tips or prevention to avoid back pain after delivery

The specialists will go through variety of procedures with the help of which the back pain after the delivery will be avoided. Also there are ways that will help you stay comfortable after suffering from back pain. Following are the health tips that will help preventing or curing the back pain after delivery.

Acupuncture is one of the techniques that take place in East Asian region of the earth. Here, the very fine needles are inserted inside the specific pressure points of each individual. Each pressure point is meant for providing relief to certain parts of the body. Thus, through the technique of acupuncture, the prenatal back pain can be avoided.

Prenatal massage is another procedure with the help of which you can get relief from the back pain that is associated with the individual women during the prenatal period. There are different types of massage procedures. One among the procedure is Swedish massage. Through this you will be able to get relief over the prenatal back pain.

When to show a doctor?

When your back pain becomes so hard and really not going in any way, that will be the time when you must visit to see a doctor. If you had a long and difficult labor at the time of your pregnancy, there will be good chance that your back pain will stay for a long time. Even removing it will take some time in the due course. This is the time when you would require total medication from the doctor.