After pregnancy health tips for 12 months mother

Last updated On August 2nd, 2020

Women are strong enough to bring a child on earth. The labor pain as well as the delivery process is really very painful. It is the mother who withstands this pain for her baby. But, after delivering the child she can suffer from different types of health issues and complications. One among such issues is known as the urinary continence. We will discuss about it in details in this article.

Health issues caused to mothers after 12 months of delivery

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a condition due to which an individual suffers from leakage of urine. She does not have a control over the urine leakage. This takes place when the urinary sphincter is either lost totally or gets weakened. Some women already have a tendency of UTI right before their pregnancy. Those women have a greater chance to have the issue of urinary incontinence after the child is born. It is better to have a treatment or a cure right before the pregnancy so that she does not get the same trouble after the delivery.


Why it causes?

When your baby is in your womb during your pregnancy, you might have a pressure on your bladder. It is due to the movement of your baby that creates the pressure. But, the process of delivery is also a cause for a pregnant women suffering from the urinary incontinence. If you get extreme pressure on the urethra at the time of the delivery, there can be difficulty of urination for the women after the delivery. It has been seen that the new moms even after a year of delivery suffers from the issue of urinary incontinence.

How to handle your Urinary Incontinence in such situation?

You can absolutely have a control over your urinary incontinence. The leakage can be controlled all by your own will. The workout as prescribed by the physician must be followed without a second thought. There are many women who had a serious trouble of leakage due to the urinary incontinence after the delivery. But, the vaginal leakage is one of the best ways with the help of which the pelvic muscles are strengthened.

Another way of getting control over the urinary incontinence after the delivery will be shedding the extra pound. Yes, the fatty layer accumulated near your bladder during the pregnancy period boosts the pressure on your bladder. As a result of which you suffer from the leakage. Try out healthy diet and exercise to shed your extra pound.

Health tips or prevention to avoid Urinary Incontinence after delivery

  • One of the reasons behind the urinary incontinence will be due to less intake of water. Yes, women have the tendency of drinking very less water. It is the time for you to stop those habits and adopt the habit of drinking water. This will help you win over the urinary incontinence after delivery.
  • Do not have such food that can give rise to constipation. One of the reasons behind urinary incontinence will be constipation. If you have full bowel movement after your delivery, no pressure will be put on your bladder and as a result the problem of urinary incontinence will be in control.
  • Avoid the bladder irritant foods. Some of that food is tomatoes, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks and citrus foods. Those are the food that creates irritation to your bladder as a result of which you can suffer from boosted leakage in bladder
  • Go ahead with the kegel exercise. Here you need to cross both your legs when you are going to cough or sneeze. This will provide a control over your urinary incontinence.

When to show a doctor?

You must go ahead with all types of exercises, diet and the remedies to have a control over the urinary incontinence. If even after this your problem is not under your control, you must proceed to the doctor and go ahead with the treatment. You need to go through a serious medication process to have a control over your bladder leakage.