After pregnancy health tips for 3 months mother

Last updated On August 2nd, 2020

We talk a lot about the enormous changes that the children make in our lives, but fail to plan how to make things easier.

You need to be very much organized to let everything stay put in your life, which includes even your relationship with the husband. In fact, these are the major issues (emotional and psychological balance) affect the mothers after childbirth, rather than the physical discomfort.

Manage the breastfeeding

Your baby has grown up a bit now and the most likely change you will expect is change in the sucking pattern, duration and quantity of breast milk she feeds.

This is the phase where mommies are likely to suffer from let-down reflex. This is mainly caused due to improper feeding. She is growing and you have to feed her either more often (if she sucks only a few drops) or more quantity.

  • Allow the baby to latch on you as long as he or she wants it.
  • Feed from alternative breasts every time, else the unfed breast may appear swollen, heavy and milk starts dripping
  • Just allow for unrestricted breastfeeding.

Visibility of the C-section scarring

In the third month you are likely to heal completely and there is no more infection or wounds. Yet, the c-section scarring is visible.

It takes time to get rid of the scarring. You will certainly about a year to witness the disappearance of the scar. Sometimes it may cause itchiness.

Just make sure you don’t do anything in the first few weeks until the surgical cut is healed fully. Apply vitamin E oil and massage the scarred area daily to reduce the appearance of the scar. It is save and sufficient.

Stretch marks

While scarring makes a big concern in women who had c-section, stretch marks affect women who gave vaginal birth. You have to wait for a while! Patience is the key. It is a good practice to gently massage the stomach with warm oil.

Speak about weight loss

Now you have almost scheduled your new life with the baby. Can you think about weight loss? Before you decide to something to lose weight, read the below facts.

  • You don’t lose the baby weight immediately after child birth
  • Skinny moms (women who were skinny before pregnancy) will lose up most of the pregnancy weight in the first three months after baby birth.
  • Average moms will take about three months to six months to lose the pregnancy weight gained during gestation.
  • Obese women will lose most of the pregnancy weight only after 6 months of childbirth.

The ideal time to speak about weight loss actually completion of 6 months. So, just concentrate on other things now.

How much weight you gained during pregnancy also impact how long it will take for you to lose weight. If you gained up to 10 kgs during pregnancy, you can gradually lose in 3 to 6 months. Anything more than that needs double the time and you can literally notice shedding your baby weight only after 9th month.

Embrace your motherhood, you look beautiful being a mother.

As long as you breastfeed the baby up until 6 months, you don’t bother about gaining weight postpartum.

How to prevent weight gain postpartum

There is nothing much you can do postpartum. In case of normal delivery, you can regain the normalcy back in the third month. (If you have done yoga in the past, just go for it and start from mild poses) If you c-section, wait until completion of 6 months.

Walk, do small house hold chores, clean the home, and deep breathing exercises.

Periods, ovulation and contraception

Most women are likely to schedule into the routine lifestyle in the third month of childbirth. This question commonly arises.

What is the best contraception method (if you are likely to rekindle the sex relationship with your partner)

Periods and ovulation – Do I get periods?

Breastfeeding naturally delays getting the periods in most women. It is all about the hormonal play. When you breastfeed, the reproductive hormones that causes ovulation are suppressed by the brain. That’s it. It doesn’t guarantee you, you are safe from next pregnancy and it is definitely not a safe contraceptive method.

When it comes to resuming the love life, generally doctors recommend after 6 weeks of postpartum. However, it completely depends on you, every individual mother.

  • How sore are you?
  • Are you healed fully?
  • Are your genitals back to normally?
  • Do you experience any kind of discomfort?
  • Are you mentally prepared for the love life?

When it comes to periods, some women are likely to get periods if they bottle feed the baby. In this scenario, the first periods may hit up any time from 8 weeks to 10 weeks after childbirth.

Your body in three months post childbirth

  • No more vaginal bleeding (lochia) except if you got your periods back!
  • Excessive hair growth during pregnancy and postpartum, too much sweating, are likely to be vanished.
  • Some of you may still experience Urinary Incontinence.
  • 60 percent women do not welcome sex life (due to fear, self criticism of body shame, shape of genitals and not healed fully).
  • Your back may still hurt and you should think about doing back strengthening exercises.
  • You don’t feel exhausted more often and you have your baby grown, she is more active, seek you more!
  • You might enjoy good sleep (at least for 6 hours at a stretch) at night.
  • Your body generally feels a whole lot of difference in the third month.
  • Hormonal rage? Back to normal!
  • In case of C-section you will have the final visit to the doctor by end of this month.