After pregnancy health tips for 6 months mother

Last updated On August 2nd, 2020

A recent survey conducted among 1000 mommies revealed the fact that women find it too hard get recover post delivery even at 6 months. The survey included all factors such as mental, physical, emotional and psychological health of women, source of help and hindrances, ideas women had and loved to perceive, and overall evaluation that is compared with the expectation of the mommies.

And shockingly, about 30 percent women did not feel any kind of physical recovery from childbirth even at 6 months postpartum. Only 10 percent women are confident that regained the pre-pregnancy health, and physique.

Most mommies felt that prolonged labor pain as well as c-section delivery continue to haunt them at times which is likely to be the hindrances of delivery. In a few cases, women who failed to seek help or women who don’t get any help in childcare fell prey for poor health and delayed recovery.

About 60 percent women find it very hard to recover than they anticipated. 20 percent women who enjoyed the bliss of motherhood in the initial months also fall prey due to fear about the baby development and comparisons! Lifestyle adjustment also played a vital role delaying the recovery.

Are these important now! Yes, because you are literally moving towards the end of the first phase of your life and back to normalcy after child birth. Are you feeling positive? Gearing towards good health physically and emotionally? It is very important (except the weighty issues) that you should be normal to the maximum extent possible.

Your life has changed a lot after pregnancy. Yea, after pregnancy and you have almost travelled a very long journey to come here at this stage.

Some of the core parts that you should concentrate in this month given below.

Bulging Belly 

Obesity literally refers to bulging belly. You gave birth but the bulge doesn’t go any soon and it is widely experienced by many women.

You really have to look after your health and physique from next month. Don’t ignore the obesity issues if you find yourself heavy. Of course, make a plan or think about doing something that can help you reduce weight.

Yet it is purely personal decision and some mommies can wait till a year or so.

I’d like to quote Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in this scenario and she truly embraced the motherhood inspite of the body shaming comments she faced very often. It’s your life, your child and all about you, take your decision wisely. Yet, health is also a priority and don’t ignore it.

Sexual relationship

Something that affects most mothers is rekindling the sexual relationship. The hormonal rage has already affected your physical, emotional and mental health to a great extent. Mommies find it a bit hard to embrace the romantic moments with the partner and it is purely due to hormonal fluctuations.

Most of the mothers (during first six months or even longer) if not all mothers experience less to no interest in sexual relationship with the partner. You are not alone.

While estrogen levels dramatically rise during pregnancy, they drastically fall immediately after child birth, which doesn’t seem to come normal anytime sooner. Yet, it will get back to normal in a due course and you have to wait for a while.

Fear of pregnancy

While we worry about the reduced sex drive, another fear also arises in terms of next pregnancy. Whatever may be your health, whether you had the periods or not, it is safe to use contraceptives. Talk to your doctor about contraceptives and don’t take birth control pills without prescription. (Birth control pills control your hormones and it is not safe to use when you breastfeed the baby.

Feeling depressed? It is baby blues not post partum depression

Depression! It can attack you anytime not just during pregnancy or postpartum. Yet, make it clear you are not likely to be depressed, i.e suffer from post partum depression at this stage. It could be merely baby blues.

And yes you can get the baby blues regardless of the age of the baby. Be it 10 days child or 10 years child, baby blues are just common.

If you have missed anything here, look at the monthly health tips for mothers, after child birth.

Breastfeeding is bliss for YOU

Breastfeeding during this month (fully breastfeeding with no alternatives) will surely make you feel the difference. This is the period where you can reap the benefits of breastfeeding in terms of burning calories.

Since you are back to the pre-pregnancy hormonal stage, you will burn a lot of calories if you breast feed the baby. And yes, breastfeeding makes a great calorie burner doing nothing.

Besides, the excess fat layers lingered in your body during the first two months of postpartum due to breastfeeding starts melting away. It was your protective layer and now you no longer need it.

What can you do to make yourself feel better?

  • Start doing exercises, even walking is fine. This is repeated again and again!
  • Don’t get disappointed if you find yourself heavy, sagging breasts, flabby stomach and puffy face.
  • Don’t rush to see any quick results.
  • Plan a visit to your doctor and get your health assessed. This is just a general check and you need not worry about anything odd.
  • Larger breasts are just self supporting and it will reduce back into pre-pregnancy shape and size in a due course.
  • Take the baby outdoors and enjoy yourself with the baby in outdoors, all day every day.
  • Giving birth to a child is no joke and surely no MEN in the world can do it. Be proud of a mommy and don’t get body shamed at any instance. You have done a wonderful job and pursuing an incredible journey as a mother.

Eat healthy and treat yourself with your favorite foods, of course occasionally.