After pregnancy health tips for 7 months mother

Last updated On August 2nd, 2020

Delivery is a critical and lengthy process where both mother and baby need to go through a complex procedure. There are certain risk factors during the pregnancy period of the mother. Similarly, health issues are not limited for mothers after giving birth to a new born. New moms have experienced variety of issues and health disorder after several months of their delivery. Some are related to physical complications and some are connected to psychology of mothers. Let us find out the health issues which mothers can experience when her baby is around 7 month old.

Health issues caused to mothers after 7 months of delivery

Hair loss

Every woman has a sacred connection to their child which has no explanation. Mothers keeping their baby in their own womb and feeling his growth inside her body will be always connected to one another with a bond of love. She will always wish to keep her child away from all types of harms within the Earth. While doing so, she needs to sacrifice many things related to her health, lifestyle, beauty and career. But, once she is assured that her baby is capable to cope up in the atmosphere, she will think about her sacrifices. Hair loss is one of the critical issues which she will come across within her 7 month after delivery.


  • Bunches of hair collection after combing hair
  • Hairs inside the bath tub after shampooing
  • Baldy patches over several portions of the scalp
  • No result after hair treatment

Why it causes?

There are several reasons behind hair loss in a new mom. Your body will keep on changing in several ways during the period of post partum delivery. Due to pollution and sudden changes in temperature, normal people lose around 100 hairs in a day. But, pregnant women do lose fewer amounts of hairs due to the raging hormones. But when you give birth to your baby your body again goes through some changes due to the hormonal fluctuation. Here, your body actually needs to compensate in several ways. Losing hairs in reckless way is also one of the forms of compensation by your body.

How to handle your hair in such situation?

Losing hair after pregnancy is a normal phenomenon. Every 8 out of 10 women have the same experience. This process continues till 6-8 months after delivery. But, if this becomes elongated, there can be reasons of getting tensed. These days you can get several tips from the renowned dermatologists such that you get free from the hair fall complications for an extended period of time.

Health tips or prevention to avoid hair fall after delivery

You can easily follow some tips from the hair experts and dermatologist for staying away from your excessive hair fall post delivery.

  • Try to use conditioner along with the shampoo. Make sure the products that you are using adds volume to your hair
  • You should avoid the shampoo with the label, ‘conditioning shampoo’. This is due to the reason that the product will make the hair down in weight. As a result, your hair will look limp
  • Follow the right procedure of applying conditioner over your hair. It is better to apply the conditioner at the end portions.
  • You must go ahead with regular oil massage so that your hair follicles get enough nourishment. It will be better if you can go ahead with the hot oil massage.
  • Use henna once in a week in order to keep your hair healthy. You can mix eggs and yogurt while mixing the henna. This will give you extra ordinarily strong hair right from its root. The chances of hair loss will be minimal.

When to show a doctor?

There will be a stage after which everything will remain in the hands of doctor. That stage will come when you have tried everything within your demarcation. Nothing more is left in your hand. Yes, if you have tried the above mentioned remedies and even then nothing is working, you definitely need to visit a dermatologist to get a treatment.

Food to intake and consume by mother when hair fall takes place

Even food plays an important role in restricting the problem of hair fall. There is several foods which you can consume in order to prevent hair fall. Following are the foods.

Carrots- You must be aware of several health benefits of carrots. But very few people know that it also works great with regards to treatment of hair fall. Regular consumption of carrot will increase your blood circulation and prevent hair fall.

Walnuts- Though it is one of the expensive varieties of nuts available in the market, but consuming it can help you stay away from hair fall. This is loaded with vitamin B, zinc as well as iron. All these are essential for healthy hair.

Salmon- You should also consume sea fish as it has omega 3 fatty acids. Yes, Salmon is one of the varieties of sea food that contains omega 3 fatty acids which in turn initiate the hair growth. It will also sort out the issues of excessive hair loss.