After pregnancy health tips for 8 months mother

Last updated On August 2nd, 2020

Mother gets variety of changes in their body after 8 month of her delivery. Sometimes the changes are good. But there are cases when mothers actually go through some health disorders after the baby is born. Hormonal changes take place during the pregnancy period. But after the baby is born, mothers have to compensate the hormonal changes. As a result she comes across variety of diseases or the health disorders.

Health issues caused to mothers after 8 months of delivery

Skin discoloration

Skin discoloration can take place due to variety of reasons. But when we are getting it on a mother after 8 months of her delivery, it will be known as the ‘ mask of pregnancy’. But this will gradually go after months. But for some women it stays for years. No women would like to stay with discolored skin for a long time. This is the reason they always look for a remedy or treatment to remove such skin discoloration after the delivery.

Extent and duration of skin discoloration to stay

The extent of skin discoloration varies from one individual to another. Some ladies gets its over the eyes and face. Whereas another groups get it over their hands, shoulders and even over the chest. Sometimes such marks go away in a week. But some marks takes more than years to get removed.


  • Getting darker layer of skin tone after delivery
  • Pigmentation forming over the face and other parts of body
  • Dark patches forming over the hands and shoulders

Why it causes?

The brown color patches forming over your face and other parts of the skin layer tends to increase during pregnancy and after the delivery of baby. This condition can be known as pregnancy mask. In medical terms it is also known as melasma. You can get the patches over your forehead, upper lips, hand and other parts of the body.

The reason behind these patches over your skin layer will be the steep rise of estrogen level in the body of women who is pregnant or have delivered a child. This rise in estrogen is really normal for women who went through the pregnancy process.

How to handle your skin in such situation?

There are several ways to hide those patches. You can absolutely use a makeup foundation when you are going out for some reason. This will hide your pregnancy mask and you will stay as beautiful as you never gave birth to a baby. You can also use concealers to hide it completely. If your marks are too dark, only skin foundation won’t be enough. You also need to use concealer at first and then blend it. Once it is blended properly you can use a foundation and thereafter the facial powder.

Health tips or prevention to avoid skin discoloration after delivery

As we all know that prevention is better than cure, let us adopt the preventive mechanism before pregnancy so that you don’t at all get pregnancy mask during or after the delivery. The masks can take place due to the physical as well as emotional changes in the body of a woman. Following are some of the ways that will help you stay away from skin discoloration or Chloasma.

  • Consume meals rich in nutrition, vitamins, irons and protein
  • Drink loads of water so that you stay hydrated
  • Use branded company when going ahead with the facials and cream for skin
  • Go ahead with Yoga and meditation once in a day
  • Go for some healthy fruit juices when you are willing to stay away from pregnancy marks
  • Try to stay away from stress and work load
  • Try to get good sleep throughout the night. Make sure you sleep at least 7-8 hours in a day at a stretch

When to show a doctor?

The above mentioned precautionary measures are really beneficial for women who are planning to have a baby. If you can follow these routine before you conceive, there will be very less scope for you to get skin discoloration. The chance of having pregnancy marks after delivery will be less. But, if all these do not work and the discoloration of the skin so formed is not going even after months, there will be the need for doctor’s intervention.

Food to intake and consume by mother when skin discoloration takes place

Yes, choice of right food is really important when you are suffering from the skin discoloration. Following are the foods you can adopt.

  • Vitamin A is an essential supplement necessary for individuals who suffers from skin discoloration. The foods that have good amount of vitamin A are sweet potatoes, spinach, butternut squash, carrots etc

Vitamin B12 is another essential element that is necessary for your skin discoloration treatment.  Fortified cereals, eggs, low fat dairy products will be essential to remove skin pigmentation