After pregnancy health tips for 9 months mother

Last updated On August 2nd, 2020

Mothers go through severe physical changes from the time of pregnancy till the birth of the baby. Some mothers also get the changes extended to 7th to 8th months after delivery. During the nursing period her breast stays inflamed and boosted due to the milk production. But, after 6 months age of the child when the baby is grown up to adopt the solid food, mother will lose the milk production. Thus, there will be considerable changes in mother’s breast.

Health issues caused to mothers after 9 months of delivery

Breast changes

The changes in breast of the new mom after 8 months will be swollen breast. Some moms also have their breast shrieked in size due to reduced production of milk. It is just because your baby is now accustomed to solid food. The regularity of the breast feeding is not maintained. As a result there will be considerable changes in breast formation. Since the skin was stretched due to good amount of milk inside the breast, as soon as the milk production decreases there will be squeezed shape of the breast. Saggy breast is another important change which women will go through after the nursing period is over.

Extent and duration of breast changes to stay

The changes in the breast volume and factors will largely depend on the physical condition of women. Before conceiving, she will be having normal type of breast. Again, when she gets pregnant, the changes of the breast will be visible. Once the child is delivered, she needs to feed the child with her breast milk. Thus, there will be inflamed breast with a great volume. The changes will again take place when you stop feeding your baby with breast milk. Yes, there will be changes in your breast for the duration of 2 years at the most.


  • Frequent changes in bra size
  • Tenderness of breast eases
  • Fluid leakage from the breast
  • Lumpy and heavy feel on the breast
  • Breast becomes squeezed and small

Why it causes?

The breast of a mother changes as, every women go through the milk production at this stage. There will be some hormonal changes in her body as well. Your breast will be inflamed due to milk present inside the breast. This is a healthy change that benefits both the mother and the child. But the changes will again take its old order once the nursing period is over. But, initially your breast will keep on sagging. But, it will be soon recovered.

How to handle your breast in such situation?

You don’t need to do anything about the changes in your breast when you are pregnant or after the delivery. For every mother it would be totally normal. But there are many individual mothers who wish to get back the previous breast shape once again. It is just because they are cautious about their figure and shape. Most mothers go for formula milk after few months of delivery. In case of those women, the breast size remains normal. They don’t have many changes in their size.

Health tips or prevention to avoid breast changes after delivery

It is now possible to get back your previous breast size and condition which you had before your pregnancy and delivery. Following are the tips that will make you back in form:

  • Go ahead with the regular breast exercise
  • Massage your breast with the essential oil on a regular basis
  • Have foods that are good in vitamins, minerals and protein
  • Wear push up bra all the time so that your breast do not get saggy

When to show a doctor?

Since breast changes before and after delivery is quite normal, there is nothing to show doctor. Rather, it is not a disease at all that you will show doctor. What you can do is visit the fitness expert after you are done with feeding your baby with your breast milk. Once your baby has adopted the solid food totally, you are free to shape up your body back. Yes, this can be done with the guidance of the fitness experts in gym.

Food to intake and consume by mother when breast changes takes place

Mothers with changes in breast shape need to give up a proper shape once again. When your baby sucks milk from your breast, it becomes soft and squeezed as the milk is been extracted in the process. This is the time when the sagging of breast takes place. The food which you must consume at this stage will be filled with vitamins, proteins, minerals and iron. Lots of fish, meats, good fat and vegetables will be within your meal schedule.