Diet chart with Indian recipes for 12 months baby

Last updated On August 2nd, 2020

Your baby is now big enough as he has completed his 12 months of stay on earth. Yes, he is 1 year old with great aspiration to know, see and go ahead with several activities within his reach.

Even among the collection of his baby food, there will be a vast left out option. He takes the initiative to explore them too.

You might come across the situation when your baby is going ahead with refusal of food. Rather, they would like to eat his food by own.

You can allow them to go ahead with their food consumption by including a spoon inside the food bowl. This is the time when you can include much more variety of solid food with your baby food schedule.

Essential minerals required in this month

Iron- All must be aware that their baby needs an adequate quantity of iron in their body.

But the dosage will vary for each baby based on their age and weight. Since your baby has stepped in the 12th month of age, he would require 11 mg of iron every day.


Calcium- This is again a very vital ingredient that your baby requires for his bone development. This mineral is very effective in making your baby get developed bone mass.

If you don’t feed him with an adequate quantity of calcium, this may lead to the feeble bone. Sometimes with the deficiency of calcium, several babies also end up with defects in their hands and legs.


Zinc- Zinc is another important mineral which many people might have overlooked while feeding baby. But, let me tell you that this too has a wonderful role to perform with regards to the health of your baby.

This will help to increase the cognitive development of your baby.

This will also maintain a better immune function in your baby and give your baby a healthy physic with optimal cell growth as well as development.

Sources of nutrients

The nutrients that your baby will intake will absolutely come from the food that you are feeding him. It is important to find out the food as well as the nutrients content in it.

Fruits- You must feed your baby with enough food which will help him to get enough vitamins within. Apples are one of the essential fruits which is rich in vitamin C as well as fibers.


This will help your baby to get improved immunity level and give you a better bowel movement.

Carrots– You can feed your baby with raw carrot juice or some dishes made up of carrot pulp. It is good combinations of all the vitamins that your child would require.

For example, it has good amount of vitamin A which will be wonderful for the eye sight for your baby. It also contains vitamin K, biotin, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C and many more.

Foods to avoid

Sword fish, tile fish, and king mackerel

These are the list of fishes which you should not feed your baby.

These fishes are high in mercury level which is really harmful to your child. Even adults have life danger if they consume these fishes on a regular basis.


Unpasteurized cheese

If you are selecting cheese from the market, you need to see the processed form.

Make sure those are pasteurized. You may also find the unpasteurized cheese which is not to be fed to child. This can lead to food poisoning of your baby.

Thus, it is always better to get pasteurized cheese.

A simple diet plan for each week of this month


7 am- 8 am- steamed dosa

10 am – besan made halwa

12 pm- baked sweet potatoes

2 pm- rice with chole

4 pm – cheese sandwich

8pm – chapatti with okra


7 am- 8 am- kheer with milk and sooji

10 am – Vegetable poha

12 pm- Aloo poha tikki

2 pm- chapatti with dal

4 pm – chicken soup

8pm – banana smoothie


7 am- 8 am- Idli

10 am – egg sandwich

12 pm- potato wedges

2 pm- curd rice

4 pm – yogurt with fruit

6 pm- vegetable soup

8pm – milkshake with almond


7 am- 8 am- toast with sooji halwa

10 am – bread poha

2 pm- khichdi

4 pm – apple smoothie

6 pm- Scrambled egg with rajma

8pm – formula milk


7 am- 8 am- Suji Upma

10 am – banana slices

12 pm- formula milk

2 pm- chawal with kadhi

4 pm – French toast

6 pm- chicken soup

8pm – Aloo paratha


7 am- 8 am- formula milk

10 am – pancake with sooji and maida

12 pm- formula milk or breast milk

2 pm- rice with fish curry

4 pm – papaya milkshake

8pm – formula milk


7 am- 8 am- breakfast with formula milk

10 am – Aloo parantha

12 pm- grapes

2 pm- khichdi with aloo chips

4 pm – formula milk

6 pm- chicken soup

8pm – plain fish curry with rice


Diet tips for this month

  • This is the time you can teach your child about good eating behavior just with some healthy practice
  • Your baby can stay reluctant about the new food. Thus, It is your duty to introduce new food to your baby multiple times so that he can accept it
  • Don’t give your baby liquids before his meal time as this might make his stomach filled with no space for new food.