Diet chart with Indian recipes for 6 months baby

Last updated On August 2nd, 2020

Your baby entering month 6 is really crucial as this is the time he will be consuming solid food for the first time. Before this month he has been consuming mother’s breast milk only.

That was the only variety of food and drink that he is allowed to consume. He got all the nutrients within his mother’s breast milk. But, during his 6th month, a ceremony is conducted namely annaprasan or first rice ceremony.

This is the day when your baby will take solid food for the first time. From then onwards he will be eligible to have all types of solid food.

Essential nutrients required in this month

The solid food that your baby is going to consume must have an adequate level of the nutrient. Based on age, your baby would require some essential nutrients.

With the consumption of breast milk in the last 5 months, your baby’s body must have stored enough of iron. Now, during his 6th month, he would be requiring the nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins as well as fats.

Sources of nutrients

When your baby is too young such that he is only 6 months old, try not to give him too much different food which he has never consumed. This will be a transition period between breast milk consumption as well as the solid food of your baby.

It will be safe to give him milk in an improved way. You can make a wonderful recipe in this regard. You have to take a spoon of powdered milk, a spoon of water and half a spoon of flour in it.

If needed, you can also add more water and start boiling it. You can see the milk is getting thick after some time. Take it off from the oven, make it cool and then let him consume it.

This recipe is a wonderful source of vitamin, protein, and minerals.

Foods to avoid

Not all types of solid food will be appropriate for your baby when he is 6 months old. The food that must be avoided by your baby who is just 6 months old is as under:

  • Soy milk and cow milk

Do not make your child have cow milk or soy milk when he is just 6 months of age as your baby cannot digest such milk at this age.

If you are going to give your baby the milk, it is better to depend upon the formula milk or breast milk.

  • Honey

Honey is another natural ingredient that you must avoid for your baby when he is just 6 months old. This is the main source of botulism in your baby.

The function of the intestine in an adult and a child will be quite different. The growth of these pores can be restricted in the adult’s intestinal tract. But, among babies, the pores can give rise to a toxin.

  • Peanut butter

Many of you must be consuming the peanut butter as it is really very tasty. Also, you might make your child consume the same thinking to provide him the taste and protein.

But, this won’t be appropriate for your child as your young child will find difficulty in swallowing and digesting the same.

Foods to limit

When you are making your baby consuming solid food, you should also know its limit. Nothing should be consumed in an excess amount as this can lead to negative effect on your child.

Some mothers must be thinking that making a baby consumes more food can build their muscles and make them healthy will be the wrong concept now.

A simple diet plan for each week

The below mention is the schedule chart but, apart from this chart your baby must not stay empty stomach. Only 3 meals may not be enough.

You can feed him with formula milk or breast milk every 2-3 hours a day along with the diet chart.


  • Morning- Formula milk/ breast milk
  • After noon- Oatmeal cereal
  • Night/ evening – Banana


  • Morning- Formula milk/ breast milk
  • After noon- rice cereal
  • Evening/ night- Avocados


  • Morning- Formula milk/ breast milk
  • After noon- rice cereal mixture and oat
  • Night- peaches


  • Morning- Formula milk/ breast milk
  • Afternoon- barley
  • Evening- apples


  • Morning- Formula milk/ breast milk
  • Afternoon- barley and cereal mix
  • Night- Avocado


  • Morning- Formula milk/ breast milk
  • After noon- apple
  • Evening- barley


  • Morning- Formula milk/ breast milk
  • After noon- banana
  • Evening- rice

 References to recipes

Recipe 1

Khichdi/ Rice cereal mix

This is one of the common recipes that every individual child of 6 months old can consume. This easy to make recipe can be ideal to make by the parents as well.

Ingredients required-

Rice- 2 spoons

Moong dal- 3 spoons

Water- ½- 3/4th cup

Take all the ingredients in a pressure cooker with a little salt and little turmeric powder. Pressure cook with 2 whistles and bring it down.

Take the content in a small bowl, let it cool down and make your child consume. This contains all types of carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins.

Recipe 2

Fruit Puree

Ingredients- Apple, peach

You need to peel off the skin of both apple and peach. Now bring it to boil. Once it is boiled get it in a container. Use the back portion of the spoon to smash it.

Let it get cool down so that your child can tolerate the warmth. Now, make him have it. This is a wonderful remedy to bring vitamins in your child and keep him healthy.

Diet tips

  • Since every child is different, there must be 3 typical feeding routines
  • Your child must get the introduction of solid food along with milk feeds figuring to 5 times in a day
  • Your baby basically would require 500-600 ml of milk every day
  • You can include foods like pear, apple, banana, sweet potatoes carrot in his introduction months.