Diet chart with Indian recipes for 9 months baby

Last updated On July 6th, 2021

Your baby attaining 9 month of his age will be no more called as an infant. He is now within a stage of being a toddler and a grown up child. Thus, consuming little food like adult is also permissible.

But, even at this age, a step by step diet chart is important for the baby to stay healthy and energetic. Since this chart will be prescribed by your dietician or a pediatrician, you can easily follow it without a second thought.

Moms can make some tasty recipes for their child as your child can feel and realize the taste really well at this age. With some action, the meal consumption for your baby will be fun.

Essential nutrients required in this month

Vitamin C is an important nutrient required for your child who is within their 9 months of age.

Another important nutrient for your baby at this stage will be iron.

Thus, the iron-rich food will be again an important part over here. This is also a stage in your child’s life when his muscle needs to be developed in a systematic way.

This is the reason; protein will be an essential element to consider. You also require the calcium-rich food for your child in order to grow and build the muscle of your child.

Sources of nutrients

Broccoli can be one of the wonderful sources of nutrients that are rich in vitamin C as your child requires at this stage. It is better to have the vegetable with darker florets as this will contain more antioxidants.

Tomatoes are a good source of potassium and lycopene that will again be important for your child. This will help to maintain proper circulation of blood

Rice is also required for your child as it provides a good source of carbohydrates in your baby’s body. A little amount of carbohydrates is again important for your baby.

Foods to avoid

Egg whites

Some parents do not know which food must be made for the child to consume and which ones should be avoided.

The egg whites are one of such food that must not be made for your child to consume till he reaches 1 year.


Not all fruits are good for baby when he is 9 month of age or below. The grapes would be one of such fruits that must be avoided till your baby steps in a year age.

The fruit have allergens which can also lead to choking hazard.

A simple diet plan for each week


7 am- 8 am- formula milk or breast milk

10 am – steamed idli

12 pm- formula milk or breast milk

2 pm- vegetables with khichdi

4 pm – vegetable pulao

8pm – baby milk formula


7 am- 8 am- breast milk

10 am – bread with scrambled egg yolk

12 pm- formula milk or breast milk

2 pm- rice with dal and cauliflower curry

4 pm – chapatti with curry

8pm – formula milk


7 am- 8 am- formula milk or breast milk

10 am – ragi dosa

12 pm- formula milk or breast milk

2 pm- Dalia

4 pm – formula milk

6 pm- soft aloo parantha

8pm – formula milk


7 am- 8 am- breakfast with breast milk

10 am – suji

12 pm- formula milk

2 pm- pumpkin curry with rice

4 pm – formula milk

6 pm- vegetable fried rice with egg yolk

8pm – formula milk


7 am- 8 am- breakfast with formula milk

10 am – rice cereal with papaya

12 pm- formula milk

2 pm- fish curry with rice

4 pm – formula milk

6 pm- bottle gourd curry with roti

8pm – formula milk


7 am- 8 am- breakfast with buttermilk

10 am – butter toast with mashed avocado

12 pm- formula milk or breast milk

2 pm- formula milk

4 pm – chole gravy with chappati

8pm – formula milk


7 am- 8 am- breakfast with formula milk

10 am – rice cereals with stewed cereals

12 pm- formula milk

2 pm- rice and mixed veg soup

4 pm – formula milk

6 pm- small paneer parantha

8pm – formula milk

References to recipes

Pasta with corn and spinach

To make this recipe all you require are:

  • grated swiss cheese- ½ cup
  • All-purpose flour- 1 tablespoon
  • Small pasta of any shape- 3 teaspoons
  • Baby milk – ½ cup
  • Spinach- 2-3 leaves


The pasta should be boiled in hot water at first. Now put the butter and let it melt. Also, add the flour into it and stir. Now add the small pieces of spinach and milk.

Let it cook with the pouring of more water for 20 minutes. It will get a paste consistency. Now get it in a bowl and sprinkle the grated cheese.

Diet tips

  • Let them have 3 time solid meals like the way an adult does
  • Do not allow them to consume peanut butter as it will be harmful to your kid
  • You can allow carbohydrates to get into your baby’s body. This can be done with the help of rice and pasta
  • You may or may not make them feed the breast or formula milk. There is no hard and fast rule.
  • Don’t be afraid to feed your baby with regular food as this is the time when she will be able to adopt almost all variety
  • Don’t force your baby if he does not wish to have food. Whatever he has consumed at one instance will be fine. You may prepare for the next meal and make it tastier.

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