Your baby is growing up fast and is nearing her first birthday. By this time, she might have become a pro in letting you know what she needs. But this does not mean that you quit your efforts to teach new ways to communicate.

So, find out below what growth milestones your baby has achieved this month and keep up the effort to make her learn new things.

What your baby can do this month?

  • Imitates other’s activities
  • Jabbers word-like sounds
  • Points, waves goodbye and claps

What your baby is learning this month?

  • Say words besides “mama” and “dada” like “mum”, “nana”, “kaka” etc.
  • Takes a few steps or bum-shuffle.
  • Understands and responds to simple instructions, such as “Come here” or “Sit down”
  • Once shown, can put objects inside a container and take them out again

What are advanced skills for your baby?

  • Scribbles with crayon
  • Walks well without falling
  • Says  words besides “mama” and “dada” like “bye-bye” or “hello”
  • Understands some words, such as “drink”, “car” or “ball”

You can help your baby develop all the skills to the best potential by supporting in her learning. Just like elder kids need help with homework and encouragement, the babies also need right environment and opportunity to learn new skills effectively. BabyIndian Premium subscribers get daily activities to do with babies to help them develop to their full potential.

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