Diet for New Mom – Month 2

Last updated On August 2nd, 2020
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Mothers take care of nine months during the pregnancy period. After delivering the baby for a month, they ensure to take care of themselves. When it comes to two months old baby, mothers start thinking about losing weight and fail to take care of a proper diet. So, it is incredibly essential for new mothers with a 2-month-old baby to take care of themselves with adequate nutrition so that the health of babies and mothers is healthy.

Eating healthy food throughout the day helps the mother to increase their energy as a new mother. The quality of breast milk is also essential, and it is necessary to have proper nutrition. If you fail to provide nutrients to your body, then it uses it from your stores to the body. It will lead you to illness as well as your baby’s health. You must ensure to get all the nutrients required to you and your baby. It will be helpful for both of you.

Foods that you must include in your diet every day are:

Lean Beef

You can increase your energy levels as a new mother with iron-rich food items such as lean beef. Iron deficiency decreases the level of energy in your body. To keep up the demand of your two- month old baby, you can eat lean beef. Nursing mothers must eat some extra vitamin B-12 and protein. Lean beef is an excellent source for you as well as your two- month baby.


Legumes are iron-rich beans that are dark in colors such as kidney and black beans. They are an excellent source of breastfeeding food for you and your baby’s health. Especially for vegan mothers, and it is a good option available with a budget-friendly source of high quality of protein.


For a two-month-old baby, mothers must eat two servings of blueberry fruit or juice each day. It will help you to increase the levels of minerals and vitamins in your body. It will also boost your energy levels with a high amount of carbohydrate content in your body.

Low-fat dairy items

Dairy items play a vital role in healthy breastfeeding. You can prefer to consume milk, yogurt, and cheese. Milk helps to strengthen your bones with the right amount of vitamin D in the body. It also provides you with the right amount of vitamin B and protein, and they are the best sources of calcium. So, drinking plenty of milk or dairy items will load you with calcium. Calcium aids in developing bones in a baby’s body. It will fulfill your calcium requirement in the body. You must include two to three cups of dairy items or at least milk in your diet.

Brown Rice

You might be feeling to cut your carbs in your diet. But you should also consider the fact that if you lose weight speedily, then it will cause you to make less milk and give you a sluggish feeling. You must mix whole-grain carbs such as brown rice into your food to boost your energy levels. Brown rice will give good content of calories to produce the best quality of milk for your two-month-old baby.


Oranges are a great source to increase your energy levels. Citrus fruits, as well as oranges, are excellent breastfeeding items as nursing mothers require more amount of vitamin c in their bodies than pregnant women. You can drink orange juice to get vitamin C. You can also prefer to consume a calcium-fortified variety of oranges to get proper benefit of it.

Foods new mothers should avoid

The list of food items that a mother should avoid for a two-month-old baby is long. We will discuss some food items that mothers must avoid for them as well as their two-month-old baby’s health.

It would be best if you restrict your consumption of seafood that contains mercury

Make sure that you pay attention to your caffeine intake in your body. Caffeine is not suitable for you and your two-month-old baby. If you consume coffee, then it enters into the breast milk, and it will affect the sleep of your little two-month baby.

You must monitor your baby’s reaction to the diet and ensure to make changes according to it.

Alcohol is dangerous when you are breastfeeding your two-month baby the alcohol amount will pass into the breast milk. It will affect your two-month-old baby. The drink is not at all good for your health too. So, make sure that you avoid alcohol altogether.

Some health and lifestyle changes for new mothers:

You must be having plenty of things to do. Make sure that you start your day with an exercise and taking good care of your two-month-old baby. Make sure to take a night of proper sleep for yourself.

New mothers tend to forget things soon. So make sure to keep a pen and paper with you. Write your diet plan. You must set goals for yourself and your two-month-old baby. Keep some social time, do exercise daily, and proper hygiene is essential. Use a calendar to keep yourself focused and accountable. Make sure to take an appropriate nap for your baby. Prepare healthy snacks whenever you get time, take a steamy shower and take proper meals.

Self-care is essential. So keep in mind to do a self –care and take some time out for yourself.

  Breakfast  Lunch   Evening snack  Dinner  
Day 1   Slices of Avacardo with dry fruits   Spinach curry with roti and yogurt  Cashew and almond smoothy  Brown rice 
Day 2  Scrambled eggs  Vegetable, roti, and rice  Dry fruit smoothies  Mushroom soup, fried rice 
Day 3  Oats  mixed greens, yogurt, rice, dal, and roti  Mixed fruit salad  Beetroot rice, vegetable, and roti 
Day 4   Boiled sweet potato with cereals  Sprout curry and roti with dal  Carrot and beetroot juice  Cottage cheese curry and roti 
Day 5  Apple and banana slices  Cottage curry, roti, dal, and rice  Smoothies with yogurt  Vegetable stew with brown rice 
Day 6  Mixed fruit juice  Egg curry, dal, and roti  Orange juice  Vegetable soup with pulao 
Day 7  Oats and avocado slices  Yogurt, green vegetable, roti, and rice  Banana smoothy  Soup, vegetable, and roti