Tips to Avoid a Cesarean Birth

Many pregnant mothers would prefer to deliver vaginally and ask for advice on how to avoid a C-section. The most important thing is that the best memory of childbirth is always delivering a healthy baby. There has been a gradual increase in cesarean birth over the past 30 years. It means that a major percentage of women is likely to experience a cesarean delivery. Cesarean deliveries are usually conducted in the case of any medical issues when any complications arise. Cesarean deliveries can save the lives of many babies and mothers. However, the risk factor associated with Caesarean deliveries is many as confronted with normal delivery.

Eating a nutritious and balanced diet

Gaining weight during the pregnancy period is quite normal. But gaining too much weight can increase the risk of C section deliveries. Proper interaction with the medical care provider helps in creating awareness in pregnant women about the weight gain goal. Eat moderate nutritious food helps in maintaining a balanced diet throughout the pregnancy. A well-balanced diet always has control over overweight gain. Eating a healthy diet and keeping active will help the mother and baby stay healthy during the pregnancy period.

Mothers can safely engage in regular, moderate physical activity during pregnancy. Consultation with the medical care provider will always be good before starting new exercises though. Moderate exercises are safe to perform during the pregnancy as long as the mother exercise with caution. Some targeted exercises made for pregnant women can be followed. Low impact exercises include swimming; walking and yoga are perfect for pregnant women.

Avoid Induction Labor

Induction of labor is one of the reasons for the increased cesarean rate. The quality of the mother’s cervix, how ready is to give birth, will also influence whether or not induction leads to cesarean. Avoiding induction is one way to lower the risks of surgery. It is becoming common for medical practitioners to induce all women before 41weeks of gestation. Trying to force things when the cervix is not soft and ready to open can increase the risk for the c-section.

Educate Yourself

Getting familiar with the birth process makes everything simple. Moreover, this will reduce anxiety and allow the mother to get into the birth with a much-relaxed mindset. Having a good understanding of labor will always make it easier not to run to the hospital in early labor. Consulting the hospital too early will increase the chance of intervention. This intermediation will increase the risk to have c section delivery.


C section deliveries are usually performed to reduce the risk to the baby includes when the fetus is in a breech position rather than head first in the birth canal. Too little or too much amniotic fluid can also cause a baby to be in a breech position. Not having enough amniotic fluid makes it more difficult for the baby to swim around. But having too much fluid let the fetus can slip between breech and a head-down position right up to delivery. EVS is one way to turn a baby from a breech position to a head-down position while the fetus is still in the uterus. This process ensures the medical practitioner applies the pressure to the stomach of the mother to turn the baby from outside.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Exercises For a Normal Delivery

Exercise should be done, by taking the opinion from Doctor and also under the supervision of an instructor during the second trimester and third trimester. Few exercises help vaginal birth such as:

During the second trimester

Downward Dog
Pelvic Tilt (Or) Angry Cat
Lying Cobbler Pose

During the third trimester

Butterfly Pose
Pelvic Stretches

For every, there is an end so expecting a mother half an hour is an ideal time to do the exercise. If they feel fatigued, Pre-existing blood pressure problems, asthmatic conditions, cardiac disorder, diabetes, etc, Vaginal bleeding, History of preterm delivery or wasted delivery, Experience augmented contractions shortly after exercising should stop doing exercise instantly soon after they should consult Doctor.

Surround with Good Support

Having someone with good knowledge about childbirth during the delivery time will help the risk of c section delivery. The support person can reduce the chance of c section. The person can be a family member or a friend or even a caretaker. A good environment always makes the mother anxious away and that reduces the chance of complications during childbirth.

Good Health Care

Regular check-ups are essential to find out and prevent potential health problems throughout the pregnancy period. Prenatal care helps to promote healthy lifestyles and that ensures safety to both mother and baby. Health care involves regular check-ups that can detect and prevent early complications such as hypertension and gestational diabetes. Regular check-ups during the pregnancy period can assist in recognizing and reducing the risks for either mother or baby.

Consider waiting for the Epidural

Epidural Anesthesia is the most popular method of ensuring pain relief during childbirth time. Once the epidural is given, continuous fetal monitoring is required. Epidural leads the active labor to the risk of C section. Avoiding an epidural Anesthesia, at least in early labor is one of the great ways for reducing the chance of having the c section.

Read the Childbirth Book

Reading will always reduce the stress and anxieties in the mind of every mother. The childbirth books offer a clear idea about how the process is going to be. This helps the mother to be prepared for the precious moment without any stress.

Benefits of Vaginal Birth

  • Reduces the number of days in the hospital.
  • Vaginal birth helps to recover more quickly from labor and birth.
  • It helps the better chance of starting to breastfeed their babies straight away.
  • It avoids major surgery and its associated risks, such as severe bleeding, scarring, infections, reactions to anesthesia, and more longer-lasting pain.


Weather Vaginal birth or C-Section, both mother and baby should be healthy and safe. The pain of the mother automatically reduces to the mother by the first touch of the baby. This is the magical thing on earth.